Commercial Real Estate

Exclusive of debt, property taxes can be the single largest operating expense incurred by a business property owner.

Commercial Personal Property

Strategically located in the middle of the country, Property Valuation Services gives special attention toward understanding the client’s properties from an analytical...

Healthcare Real Estate

Property Valuation Services has a diversified group of Healthcare and Tax professionals specializing in the review of valuation methodologies (CAMA) and how it relates to a property’s true fair market value.

Healthcare Personal Property

Securing Property Tax reductions, abatements and refunds for Healthcare Properties is our specialty.

Appraisal Services

PVS has put together a team of appraisers who are at the forefront of the appraisal industry.



Property Valuation Services is respected as the foremost experts in our field having built our business on the foundation of its leadership.

Why Us

PVS contracts solely with businesses that own and operate Special Purpose, Income Producing Complex Properties.

About Us

Property Valuation Services is a boutique property tax consulting firm, specializing in the reduction of property tax liability for our clients.

Sales and Use Tax

State and Local Tax Solutions specializes in working with healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, and other unique businesses across the country analyzing and reviewing our Clients’ sales and use tax responsibilities.


About PVS

Property Valuation Services is a boutique property tax consulting firm, specializing in the reduction of property tax liability for our clients.  We are the preeminent representation for all property tax related functions, our motto being that we want to be an extension of your tax department. 

PVS is led by experienced Property Tax Professionals who work alongside MAI and ASA appraisers with expertise in complex real estate valuation and high-technology equipment.  Aside from professional designations in the appraisal and tax consulting fields, our executive team boasts a collective 250 years of experience working and consulting for major national corporations, yet PVS is still proudly considered a boutique firm.  We offer the credibility and expertise you might find at a Big Four firm, but with the dedicated client service and communication priorities of a smaller company.

PVS is respected as one of the foremost experts in our field, building our business through our leadership. Our people and success have led to consistent growth, and today, PVS works with more than 500 clients, encompassing 22,500 tax parcels spanning all 50 states.  We started with a unique expertise in healthcare and now work with virtually every major for-profit healthcare organization in the country as well as a multitude of other industries whose assets and real estate are considered complex in nature.

The PVS corporate office is centrally located in Overland Park, Kansas. This office houses our main Business Personal Property, Real Estate, and Appraisal departments as well as our affiliate sales and use tax consulting firm, SALT Solutions.  Our satellite offices are located in Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, and Seattle.

As we grow, we will continue to provide our clients with the highest level of service while delivering extraordinary tax reductions. We encourage you to explore how PVS can be your property tax partner, saving you both significant money and valuable time.