Commercial Real Estate

Exclusive of debt, property taxes can be the single largest operating expense incurred by a business property owner.

Commercial Personal Property

Strategically located in the middle of the country, Property Valuation Services gives special attention toward understanding the client’s properties from an analytical...

Healthcare Real Estate

Property Valuation Services has a diversified group of Healthcare and Tax professionals specializing in the review of valuation methodologies (CAMA) and how it relates to a property’s true fair market value.

Healthcare Personal Property

Securing Property Tax reductions, abatements and refunds for Healthcare Properties is our specialty.

Appraisal Services

PVS has put together a team of appraisers who are at the forefront of the appraisal industry.



Property Valuation Services is respected as the foremost experts in our field having built our business on the foundation of its leadership.

Why Us

PVS contracts solely with businesses that own and operate Special Purpose, Income Producing Complex Properties.

About Us

Property Valuation Services is a boutique property tax consulting firm, specializing in the reduction of property tax liability for our clients.

Sales and Use Tax

State and Local Tax Solutions specializes in working with healthcare organizations, manufacturing facilities, and other unique businesses across the country analyzing and reviewing our Clients’ sales and use tax responsibilities.




To demonstrate how our Clients benefit from PVS services.

PVS Team

  • Accounting Based Staff
  • Business and Finance Specialists
  • Former Corporate Tax Managers
  • In-House Real Estate Appraisers
  • Accounting Based Staff

PVS Pre-Rendition Services

Similar to the Appeals process, Pre-rendition Personal Property services include multiple steps prior to submitting the return to the taxing authority.

  • Taxing authorities are more flexible; not having posted an assessment or tax dollar figure to your asset base
  • More time to work with the assessors offices
  • Work is done, without creating a sense of priority, prior to any county imposed deadlines
  • Understand, identify, document and demonstrate assets as they relate to taxable or non-taxable statutes
  • If requested and warranted, travel to facility for on-site evaluation

PVS Procedure

  • Gather Pertinent Information from Client
  • Research Taxing Jurisdiction's Assessment Procedures
  • Open Dialogue with Local Tax Assessor
  • Evaluate Client's Existing Reporting Methods
  • Evaluate Total Asset Listing
    • Life Assets
    • Remove Disposed Assets
    • Evaluate Current Year Additions
    • Identify Non-Taxable assets
    • Value Taxable Assets
    • When applicable, Communicate with Individual Department(s)/Locations to determine status of Existing Capitalized Assets
  • Evaluate Lease Agreements for Potential Tax Savings
  • Discuss PVS' Valuation Techniques with Taxing Authority
  • File Return
  • Review Proposed Assessment for Accuracy
  • Generate Tax Bill Approval
  • Submit Management Reports

PVS Differentiators

  • PVS specializes in Complex Properties; other firms are generalized property tax firms and specialize in nothing
  • PVS takes the time to figure out the property, the taxing jurisdiction and the local assessor
  • Majority of work is done on a pre-rendition basis
  • PVS wants to fix any problem that exists
  • The backgrounds and experience of the people that make up the PVS organization
  • PVS is completely electronic and uses the technology of today
  • Extensive Database of Intangible Assets built into the purchase price of High-Tech Equipment

PVS Starting Point

  • PVS will take the prior year's reporting methods, as submitted and/or accepted by the taxing jurisdiction, trend the previously reported assets forward to the current year
  • PVS will not take credit for depreciation on trending previously reported assets
  • PVS will add/or subtract any additions and/or deletions identified by client
  • PVS will not take credit for deleting assets previously identified by client
  • PVS will execute their techniques for reduction, submit product to taxing authority and confirm that methodology was accepted
  • Savings equals the difference between the starting point (see first four bullet points) and the final assessed value multiplied by the most recent published tax rate for that taxing jurisdiction

PVS Traditional Service Fees

  • Cost Reduction/Appeal - Contingency Fee Basis
  • Audit or General Consulting - Time and Expenses
  • Compliance - Flat Rate

We devote the time needed to analyze the property and fix the problems, pre-rendition. Property Valuation Services, your Property Taxation Specialists