Why Us

Specializes in Complex Properties,

PVS contracts solely with businesses that own and operate Special Purpose, Income Producing Complex Properties.

Diverse team of Appraisal and Tax Professionals,

i.e. Former Corporate Tax Managers, Real Estate Appraiser, Accounting Based Staff, CPA and Business and Finance specialists.

Our Revolutionary Approach,

To become the Complex Property Tax specialists, PVS has employed a diverse team of professionals with experience in every aspect of the Complex Property environment. This knowledge coupled with the expertise of our experienced staff of tax professionals clearly gives PVS the right to stake its claim as the “Complex Property Tax Specialists”. This integrated view of Property Taxation and how it relates to complex property is the standard by which we operate. Let us show YOU how we can reduce YOUR taxable liability this year and every year to follow.

PVS routinely finds savings when working behind/following other consulting/tax firms.

Most services are performed on a pre-assessment basis,

PVS represents your interests on a proactive basis, keeping a positive relationship with the assessor/community.
Services performed from an analytical and accounting perspective giving special attention toward understanding our client’s properties.
Fully automated and committed to keeping up with technology of the 21st century.
Our competency is validated by the clients we service.

PVS always works in the best interest of our clients.