Article From Our Team – Abbie McWhirter

My name is Abbie McWhirter, and I am a supervisor of the renal dialysis group in the real estate department at Property Valuation Services. My career path at PVS started over 7 years ago and has included multiple positions and areas of specialty.

A glimpse into my daily work life would show continuous correspondence with clients on specialized projects, valuation preparation and work for ongoing property tax appeals. As a supervisor of our renal dialysis group, I work in tandem with real estate directors and consultants to review annual commercial property tax assessments for our clients, prepare and handle assessment appeals, and review real estate tax bills.

My introduction to ad valorem taxation began in the role of administrative assistant in the real estate department. While I enjoyed the position and collecting data, I was curious and desired to know more about the valuation side handled by our consultants, which aligned with my college degree. When an opening became available, I applied and became a real estate consultant myself in 2015. Through multiple positions in the real estate department, I’ve worked with all types of commercial real estate — from hotels to nursing homes to ice skating rinks — learning property-specific information to use in my valuations and appeals. For the last several years, I have worked specifically with our renal dialysis clients. PVS’ real estate department oversees roughly 3,700 real estate renal dialysis tax parcels across the entire U.S., and I currently supervise the team handling these parcels.

The renal dialysis market has continually shown to be a low-risk, high-reward investment property, with blue-chip tenants and long-term leases. But what might be a high-reward investment to a new owner is not rewarding to the tenant, who must pay the higher property tax bill spurred by the real estate’s sale price. Our renal dialysis department works diligently to mitigate our clients’ property assessment increases due to these sales, which are often bulk portfolio transitions, sale-leaseback situations or a developer/tenant purchase — none of which show a true arms-length, fee simple sale price. Our expertise in the renal dialysis market and real estate is reflected in our dialysis clients’ ultimate savings on property tax. 

As much as I find fulfillment and exhilaration in my day-to-day work, I also thoroughly enjoy our fantastic sports teams in Kansas City. At PVS, we’ve celebrated not only the 2015 World Champion Royals but have been spoiled with Kansas City Chiefs’ back-to-back playoff wins and becoming Superbowl champs. On days when I’m off work and not enthralled with sports, I enjoy time spent in the garden, reading a great book and spending time with friends and family. I also don’t mind the occasional vacation getaway!

No matter the sector, the commercial real estate market is dynamic, but our clients’ property taxes don’t have to be. At PVS, we pride ourselves on expertise, a high level of teamwork and communication to bring maximum tax savings to our clients. We are always a quick call away for all your real property and personal property tax needs.