Article From Director – Catherine

Hello!  This is Catherine Murray from Property Valuation Services!  It is hard to believe that I have been with PVS for 18 and a half years now.  When I started, we were in a small office in Overland Park with just 12 employees. Our offices have moved twice since then, and I currently reside about two hours south of our Overland Park office. I work remotely from home, in a small town in Southeast Kansas.

I came to PVS with a master’s degree in music and started as an administrative assistant. I knew nothing of property tax, but learned quickly. I answered phones, sorted and organized files, and helped with incoming and outgoing mail. After a while I started making research calls to various jurisdictions, collecting values and tax bills and creating the tax bill approvals for our clients. I was introduced to real estate appraisal methods and took a couple of the introductory courses through the Appraisal Institute. Not long after that I was asked to take over all the data entry in our property tax software system, and quickly found my niche. I took on a larger role with property tax bills, helping to track and oversee all the bill approvals, as well as train consultants on the bill approval process. In addition, I took over managing the mid-year and year-end tax summary reports, as well as most of the other reports we send to our clients every year.

In 2011 I became supervisor of a new department called the Property Tax Support Group. This group is an administrative group that takes care of day-to-day tasks such as calling on and confirming appraised values on accounts as well as tracking and creating the bill approvals for our clients. I still oversee all the data entry, but I have a lot of help with the actual updating. I continue to manage reports sent to our clients.

Property tax work is a challenging profession, but I love the variety and fast-paced environment. Property Valuation Services is an amazing company. They are honest, hard-working and truly care about their clients and their employees.  

I look forward to many more years with PVS and working with each of my clients!