Article From Director – Jennifer English

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer English, and I am the manager of the business personal property dialysis accounts here at PVS. Last month I celebrated my 15-year anniversary of being with PVS. In my 15 years, I have mainly focused on dialysis accounts but have spent a couple of tax seasons helping with hospital returns.

As manager of the dialysis accounts, I not only correspond with all the clients but I also oversee a team of six consultants that handle the day-to-day tasks. During the 2021 tax season, my team filed several thousand dialysis returns. Right now, we are still working on collecting values and working with assessors when assessments come back incorrect. Most of the time, we are able to get any issues corrected informally with a phone call or e-mail to an assessor but at times do have to file formal appeals.

I am very fortunate to be able to work in a field that I have always enjoyed. Not only have I been lucky enough to associate with a great group of supportive coworkers, I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many clients and building great relationships with them over the years. Working with all of you to ensure your personal property tax needs are met makes my job fulfilling to me

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Thank you for trusting PVS with your property tax needs!