Article From Director – Tyler Rognlie

My name is Tyler Rognlie and I am the Assistant Director of the Business Personal Property department as well as the manager of the Multi-Specialty at Property Valuation Services. Earlier this summer, I surpassed my 14th year working at PVS. I have always enjoyed the property tax work that I’ve done here at PVS and have gladly chosen to make it my career.  

I lead a team of property tax consultants that oversee a caseload of over 6,000 accounts, which spans over 150 of PVS’s clients. My team is referred to as the “multi-specialty” team, as we handle the personal property tax responsibilities across many different industries, including health care, industrial, communications, manufacturing and hospitality. Within the health care sector, my team primarily services clients within the surgical, oncology, diagnostic imaging and behavioral health segments. My team also oversees the on-boarding of new-to-PVS clients, getting them integrated into our systems and processes.

My team of property tax consultants oversees all compliance aspects of our clients’ property tax portfolios, effectively being a turn-key solution for business’ property tax needs. We administer the preparation and filing of the annual business personal property tax returns, as well as the analysis and review of the valuation issued by the tax assessor. We oversee the appeals process on valuation disagreements with the tax assessor, including attending local board hearings, when merited. Our team also handles personal property tax audit work for our clients. Our mission is to ensure compliance across our accounts, while also working to ensure that we achieve the lowest possible property taxes for our clients.

In the current phase of the tax cycle, my team is continuing to analyze assessments and oversee the appeals process on accounts where we have filed appeals. Additionally, tax collectors are starting to issue the business personal property tax bills, so we are assisting with our support team to resolve property tax bill issues. Also, with now being a time that many clients are setting their budgets for the next year, we are helping clients with their personal property tax budgeting.

I appreciate the knowledge and opportunities that PVS has provided, aiding in my professional development. I also appreciate that my ideas and input are welcomed and valued by my peers in the company. Being able to contribute in the growth and progress within our company has been the most rewarding aspect of my role since becoming a part of the management team.

I’ve enjoyed the relationships I’ve formed and continue to foster with the individuals I work with across my base of clients, as well as my colleagues here at PVS.

On a personal side, I am a (relatively) new father to a now 11-month-old son. My wife and I spend most of our time keeping up with him and helping him discover the world. In the limited windows of free time, I enjoy an assortment of hobbies, ranging from gardening, staying active with basketball, tennis or hiking and doing home improvement projects. We also like to visit breweries around the city and are always looking for a new favorite beer!

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or anyone in our business personal property department. We always like to hear from our clients!