Article From Director – Tyler Tackett

Hello, my name is Tyler Tackett. I’m currently the In-House Software Developer and IT Consultant. I lead the IT department in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and assist our help desk in Kansas City. I began working for Property Valuation Services in August of 2006 bringing me towards my fifteenth anniversary. When I started at PVS, there were about 30 employees and now, we are a team of 76. In 2006, my department was just me and one external developer and is now composed of three in-house developers, the help desk and two external developers. In my tenure, we have greatly expanded our information technology footprint. Our database size has increased by a factor of 164, not including supporting documents. In this data, we have added many clients along with their parcels and assets.

In my earlier days, I was the IT Manager at our office in Overland Park. We planned to facilitate remote employees for working from home during tax season and a few employees in remote smaller offices beginning back in 2006. The next year, we focused on improving our document management within our software solution which allows our employees to easily link and retrieve relevant documents related to various levels of the taxing process. These improvements also enabled our web access to be expanded so our clients could easily retrieve their tax returns and bills. In 2008, we began moving to a virtualized hosting environment that more easily enables us to scale and have redundancy for failover if needed. These features have been constantly improving and expanding in the following years. These early initiatives to keep our infrastructure in line with current technology trends have enabled us to easily adapt to the current work from home environment.

PVS has always invested in technology solutions to ensure an efficient and accurate tax management process for our clients. Our software, PVSpts, started development in 2000 and has been in constant development since. Every year, we add and improve features allowing us to better serve our clients. In the beginning years, many things were done on spreadsheets and paper. As we have progressed, spreadsheets are now mostly an input or output of our system. Our software now includes asset, contact, document, email, invoicing, marketing and tax management components. In the last year, we’ve completed a major software upgrade to take advantage of new database technology and search tools. We value input from our employees on ways to improve our internal procedures and client requests for processes that better align with their procedures. As we have onboarded new clients, we’ve had many requests over the years for new features that we have successfully implemented. We can typically implement client requests promptly while providing a solution that meets or exceeds our client’s needs by using our collective tax and development experience. 

As we progress in 2021, we look forward to another year of improvements and new features. Rest assured that PVS is equipped to handle your tax needs during the pandemic.