Article From Our Team – Ben Kogei

Ben Kogei - New Business Personal Property Team MemberMy name is Ben Kogei, and I am a new supervisor for the multi-specialty team in the business personal property department at Property Valuation Services.  I started working at Property Valuation Services in 2012. Prior to being promoted as a supervisor, I was working as a senior personal property tax consultant in the hospital team.  I have had the privilege to work in every team in the personal property department, which includes the hospital, dialysis and multi-specialty teams.  

As a team lead, I lead a team of property tax consultants, whose primary functions are to analyze and identify property tax-savings opportunities. We also prepare and ensure that the business personal property tax returns reflect the technical accuracy of our clients’ books and records. What makes us unique in the multi-specialty team is that we handle personal property tax responsibilities across many different industries, which include healthcare (specifically surgical, oncology, diagnostic imaging and behavioral health segments), industrial, communications, manufacturing and hospitality.

At this time of the year, my team is working on filing appeals, negotiating reductions of values, resolving issues on values or tax bills with assessors or tax collectors and working on personal property tax audits.  Our mission is to ensure compliance across our accounts, while also working to ensure that we are working to achieve the lowest possible taxes for our clients.

Here at Property Valuation Services, I enjoy working with my awesome co-workers a team that is highly knowledgeable and good at what we do!  Working together, we are able to get the job done.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife, my daughter and my son.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or anyone in our personal property department.  We always like to hear from our clients!