Article From Our Team – Tyler Tackett

I am Tyler Tackett, I have been the software developer and information technology consultant for Property Valuation services for 16 years. I enjoy working at PVS because as a company they have embraced the use of technology to improve the quality of work while also improving the quality of life for employees. They have accomplished this by reducing the potential for user errors, streamlining processes and allowing for better work-life balance. This enables us to offer better service to our clients with more accurate and timely deliverables.

I have worked on most aspects of our information technology during my tenure here. We support both the real estate and business personal property department needs for software, hardware and web services.

As a software developer during my time here, we have implemented many features into our internally developed software solution. These features include document management, system-generated emails, client web access, e-filing of tax returns, integrations with Anybill and automating various processes while reducing user errors.

My personal hobbies include traveling, scuba, food, racing and spending time with my children.  We have traveled to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica and Grenada. Our favorite place to visit is Cozumel, Mexico, for scuba diving and sling hunting for lionfish when we are not playing on the beach with the children or enjoying great Mexican cuisine including the delicious huitlacoche. My wife and I both have racecars that we drive in the Big Bend Open Road Race in west Texas. We compete in the 145 mph class, which tries to average that speed over 120 miles on closed public roads between Fort Stockton and Sanderson near Big Bend park. Growing up my family owned restaurants, so we love trying the local restaurants when we travel. The most adventurous thing I have eaten is what the Belizeans call the “royal rat,” as it was once served to the queen. Its true name is the gibnut, and it could be described as a forest rat.

Property Valuation Services is continually looking for ways to improve our processes to better serve our clients.  If you have any suggestions please let your consultant know.