Article from Our Team – Ryan Burnett

My name is Ryan Burnett and I am a manager in the business personal property department at Property Valuation Services. In November 2021, I completed my fourth year at the company. Facing new challenges involving property tax has been rewarding.

I am second in charge to Tyler Rognlie of a team of consultants that oversee approximately 6,000 accounts and more than 150 clients. Our team is referred to as the “multi-specialty” team, which spans across many different industries, including healthcare (surgical, oncology, diagnostic imaging, behavioral) and industrial. We also oversee the onboarding of first-time PVS clients and get them integrated into our systems and processes.  

Our team of consultants oversees all compliance aspects of our clients’ property tax portfolios, effectively being a turn-key solution for businesses’ property tax needs. We administer the preparation and filing of the annual business personal property tax returns, as well as the analysis and review of the valuation issued by the tax assessor. We oversee the appeals process on valuation disagreements with the tax assessor, including attending local board hearings, when merited. Our team also handles personal property tax audit work for our clients.  Our mission is to ensure compliance across our accounts, while also working to ensure that we are working to achieve the lowest possible taxes for our clients.

In the current phase of the tax cycle, the team is in the early phase of tax season, where we review the fixed asset listings and prepare the 2022 tax filings. We will be doing this for the next few months while also working with assessors to settle appeals filed in 2021.

While working at PVS, I’ve gained an understanding of many different aspects of tax compliance. Making improvements to our internal system and brainstorming the most efficient way to get the job done has been rewarding. Connecting with my co-workers and having a support system has made working at PVS a great work experience.

Outside of work, I am a father to a one-year-old daughter, Cecilia. My wife and I have loved watching her grow, explore and change! We are expecting another baby girl this May. Some hobbies I enjoy are spending time with my family, traveling, trying new restaurants and being a committed fan of KU football, basketball and the Kansas City Chiefs. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding personal property.