IT Advances and Updates

As one of the most technologically advanced boutique property tax firms, PVS is in constant development of software to improve, advance, and run our business.  Our development mantra is “by tax professionals, for tax professionals” and this keeps us focused on our audience and goals.  Our initial development project started in 1999, and was an effort to track 100 columns and 1000 rows of property tax information from a spreadsheet in a database.  That effort was put into production and has constantly been updated, improved and expanded over the last 20 years. These updates include numerous feature and functionality updates, vendor updates, integrations with MS Office, Acrobat, and other third-party solutions for property tax bill payments.  We refer to this solution as PVSpts, short for Property Valuation Services property tax system.

That very system currently runs every facet of our property tax business to increase efficiency, ensure compliance with all the various taxing requirements, and allows us to accommodate special requests from clients. Our software solution allows our staff to manage documents, time and expense tracking, tax data, client notifications, reporting needs, and billing.  Having a solution that handles all aspects of our business streamlines the workflow so that data does not have to be transferred between individual lines of business solutions.

We have undertaken an entire software rewrite project to integrate new technology offerings to further improve tools available to our consultants, streamline processes, and ensure our product is supportable.  Stay tuned for more details in our 6-part series.