MAI Appraisers in Nashville

One of our Partners, along with our Technical Director for Real Estate, recently spent a week in Nashville at a continuing education class to maintain their MAI designation and appraisal licenses.  If unfamiliar, MAI is the highest designation for an appraiser established by the Appraisal Institute. To become an MAI an individual must have good moral character, be a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, hold a bachelor’s degree, meet standards and ethics requirements, pass rigorous education requirements, pass a challenging final comprehensive examination, receive credit for over 9,000 hours of valuation experience, and receive credit for the demonstration of knowledge requirement. To maintain this designation and appraisal licenses, continuing education classes are required to build and maintain skills and depth of valuation methodologies.

It is rare for a consulting firm to house MAI Appraisers, let alone have two on staff.  Property Valuation Services strives to provide the highest level of expertise to our Clients, including presenting the highest level of credibility to an Assessor when debating values.

Keep an eye out for our next post, as property tax deadlines are approaching fast!