Tax Bills: Your Best Steps

A common and unfortunate property tax misstep for companies can involve tax bills.  Keeping track of what you owe in property taxes seems easy, right?  Maybe not…

Tax bills look completely different from one jurisdiction to another. Keeping track of what you owe, who it should be paid to, when the deadlines are, whether or not there is a discounted amount if you pay it early, are there installment options, and comparing the bills against the original Assessment Notices to ensure the amounts are all correct can create problems.  This is all assuming a company has a solid process so that the person responsible receives the tax bill in the first place.

These missteps lead to late payments that will then include penalties.  No one enjoys paying their property tax bill, but paying penalties for an oversight can be frustrating. So how do we avoid issues?

PVS offers a large array of services, one important service being our Tax Bill Approvals.  Instead of hoping you receive your tax bill and can translate it, let us track your notices and tax bills for you.  We will not only upload these documents into your secure online Client Web Access account, but we will review your tax bills for accuracy and send a standardized Tax Bill Approval via email.  This email will list who you send the payment to, when the deadline is, what discounted dates or installments are available, and how much to pay.  We will also attach the original tax bill to your email for your records.

Tax Bill Approvals are just one of many services we provide that set us apart from other tax firms.  Let us know how we can best help you.