Why Online Access Matters

Imagine your boss came to you with any of the following questions, and you do not know the answer…

“Do you have last year’s Business Personal Property Tax Return for the Atlanta plant?”

“How much did we pay in property tax last year on our Kansas City Hospital?”

“What was the value of the Dallas facility?”

“Do we know what our property taxes are going to be in Georgia next year?”

“Has that appeal been settled in Harris County?”

Our Clients have countless financial, accounting, or other administrative responsibilities.  Unfortunately, managing their property tax portfolio is a daunting task and these types of questions tend to pop up at the busiest times.  Knowing all of this information, tracking assessment notices, tracking tax bills, reconciling accruals, filing Business Personal Property Tax Returns, appealing real estate values, projecting/budgeting for future tax liabilities, and reporting can consume an enormous and honestly unnecessary amount of time.

Having a firm with an online property tax portfolio management system can nearly eliminate the time dedicated to all of these processes.  With a secure login and password, you can view all of your pertinent documentation such as your returns, assessment notices, tax bills, and budget/management reports that PVS produces bi-annually for you.  From here you can check the status of your appeals, find current values as well as prior tax amounts, and run customized reports by simply exporting select fields to Excel.

Not only will PVS manage your property tax portfolio, but we supply you with the access to stay as involved as much as you like or as little as you need.

The questions above are common questions, but with our Online Client Access, the answer is literally just a few clicks away 24 hours a day.