Personal Property:

Comprehensive Personal Property Valuation Approaches

  • Identification of High Technology Assets
  • Cost Adjustments
  • Modality Specific Depreciation Schedule
  • Market Approach for High-Tech Equipment
  • Equipment Appraisals
  • AHA Useful Life Analysis
  • Replacement Cost vs. Reproduction Cost
  • Ghost Asset “Clean-Up”
  • Identification of Non-Taxable Assets

Real Estate:

  • Value Methods
  • Market
  • Income
  • Cost
  • Additional Considerations
  • Equitability
  • Building Age and Type
  • Needed Improvements
  • Vacancy
  • All Forms of Depreciation / Obsolescence
  • Highest & Best Use of Your Property.
  • If deemed excessive, we’ll develop a strategy, educate the local Tax Assessor on the basis for an appeal.
  • PVS prefers to work with, not against, the local assessing jurisdiction in an effort to NOT leave collateral damage in the wake of a cut… for the Client to clean up