Team (Bios)

Meet the Exceptional Team at Property Valuation Services (PVS). With a proven track record of success, our leadership forms the foundation of our business. As a nationally-recognized specialty firm, we possess unparalleled credibility in managing our clients’ property tax responsibilities, placing each client as our top priority.

Dave Dlugopolski

Owner, Co-Founder

Dave Dlugopolski’s foray into property tax representation began in 1989 when he joined a national tax consulting firm as an Assistant Vice President. His next strategic move was to take a position as the in-house corporate tax manager of the largest hospital corporation in the United States. This pivotal experience provided Dave with invaluable insights, serving as the foundation for the establishment of Property Valuation Services. With his deep understanding of taxation and a focus on the technical aspects of the business, Dave continues to play a key role in the day-to-day management of PVS.

Robert Hileman

Owner, Co-Founder

Robert Hileman’s journey began in radiology, where he discovered his passion for the business side of healthcare. He soon founded his own mobile medical/diagnostic service company, eventually selling it to a public entity. His executive-level position within a national imaging corporation gave him valuable insights into client needs. It was during this time that Robert realized the lack of expertise in property tax management for high-tech medical equipment. Drawing on his background in radiology and diagnostic imaging, Robert co-founded Property Valuation Services in 1997. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in the business’s growth and development, driving its success.

Kent Hileman, MAI, ASA, CMI


Kent Hileman has been an invaluable member of the team since 2000. Kent has played a pivotal role in the appraisal and value analysis of an impressive portfolio. His involvement spans over 400 hospitals, in addition to thousands of medical office buildings, psychiatric and rehab hospitals, surgery centers, and more. He has also appraised complex commercial real estate categories such as hotels, motels, golf courses, industrial warehouses, offices, funeral homes, car washes, and office buildings. In addition, Kent has presented/testified at various levels of appeal throughout the country. Holding the esteemed MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute, as well as the ASA in real property, ASA in appraisal review and management from the American Society of Appraisers, and CMI from the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Kent’s expertise is unsurpassed. His licenses in numerous states for both appraisal and property tax consulting further enhance his ability to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to clients.

Monte Welch

Vice President

Monte has been with PVS since 1999; as Vice President, he oversees many aspects of our operations such as sales, business personal property, system development, property tax support group (PTSG), policies & procedures, and client management. Prior to his employment with PVS, Monte had 13 years of radiology healthcare experience in sales of mobile magnetic resonance imaging, picture archiving and communications systems and healthcare information systems. Monte has also had prior experience as a technical manager of mobile MRI, radiology and laboratory services.

Bryan Hileman

Director of Operations

Bryan is a graduate of Kansas State University and has been working at PVS since January of 2009, starting in business development. After two years of cultivating relationships and enrolling new clients with PVS, Bryan left to launch PVS’ sister company State and Local Tax Solutions (SALT Solutions) in May of 2011. During the past twelve years SALT has become the country’s preeminent healthcare specific sales and use tax consulting firm. In 2020, Bryan was made Partner in SALT Solutions where he continues to assist in the day-to-day operations.

In 2015, Bryan was asked to return to PVS as a Director over business development and certain aspects of operations. Over the years he continued to handle additional responsibilities and provide leadership in the overall direction of PVS from a business development, systems administration, client relations, and now cybersecurity measures. Bryan was recently promoted to Director of Operations for PVS and looks forward to being a large part of its bright future.

Pam Carley

Sr Administrative Director of Business Personal Property & Director of Property Tax Support Operations

Pam has been with Property Valuation Services since 1998, is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, and maintains her Texas Licensure. At Property Valuation Services, she currently handles the administrative duties related to the Business Personal Property department. In addition to the Business Personal Property department, Pam oversees the Property Tax Support Group, helping both Real Estate and Personal Property stay on top of values and appeal dates during the first half of the year. During the second half, we are busy reviewing and preparing bill approvals for our clients.

Chip Saam, ASA, CMI

Senior Technical Director, ASA Equipment Appraiser & Director, Business Personal Property

Chip graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in economics and completed the MBA program with a finance concentration at Wayne State University in Detroit. He has over 25 years of experience in the property tax field and is licensed to represent taxpayers in Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas. Chip’s certifications and designations include the CMI from the Institute of Professionals in Taxation and the ASA in Machinery & Technical Specialties from the American Society of Appraisers. He has written over 100 appraisals of medical equipment with an emphasis on high technology medical equipment. Chip oversees the Michigan office for Property Valuation Services.

Gerhart Van Note

Senior Director, Real Estate

Gerhart has been in the property tax industry since August of 1992. He specializes in both commercial real estate and personal property tax issues. He is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and licensed or registered in numerous states. Gerhart has been with PVS since 2006 and oversees a large number of our real estate accounts as well as running operations for our Atlanta office.

Tyler Tackett

Director of IT Technical Services and Inhouse Software Development

Tyler Tackett is the IT Consultant at Property Valuation Services (PVS). He has worked with PVS for 17 years handling various IT needs. He currently is lead programmer and database administrator for the PVS property tax system (PVSpts) application that is used in the business personal property and real estate consulting that PVS is engaged in in addition to overseeing and consulting in other IT needs. During his tenure with PVS he has enjoyed implementing and improving processes to increase the efficiency and capabilities of our employees using technology.

Tyler has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer information systems from Tarleton State University part of the Texas A&M University System where he graduated cum laude in 2006 as the distinguished graduate for his department and class. He currently resides in the Dallas, TX area. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his family, scuba diving, sling fishing for lionfish, and open road racing.

Jenna Reyes

Director of Real Estate

Jenna began with Property Valuation Services sixteen years ago in our personal property tax department before joining the real property team. She has extensive experience in the valuation of hospitals and complex health care properties including psychiatric, oncology, surgical and dialysis centers, as well as hotels, apartments, retail, offices and various other commercial real and personal property types. Jenna has presented and testified to property valuation at local, state and litigation hearings across the country, has worked on local property tax credit and incentive agreements in multiple states, and has extensive experience in forecasting for acquisitions and tax planning for multi-million-dollar projects. Jenna is currently the Director of Real Estate in our Overland Park office, where she oversees all aspects of the real estate department’s valuation and tax cycle for our clients and holds tax representation licenses and registrations in multiple states. Jenna is a graduate of Kansas State University, holding business degrees
in the emphasis of financial services and management. She is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and a voting member of CREW KC.