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Are you a part of the dynamic healthcare sector, eager to maximize your real estate investments? Our dedicated healthcare real estate property tax consulting services, backed by 26 years of industry experience, are your pathway to property tax efficiency and strategic growth. Whether you oversee hospital facilities, surgery centers or other healthcare properties, our experts are committed to enhancing your financial outcomes.

Property Valuation Services (PVS) boasts a diverse group of healthcare and tax professionals specializing in reviewing valuation methodologies (CAMA) and their correlation to a property’s true fair market value. Our innovative tools and techniques have proven instrumental in achieving successful reductions. Remember appraisal is an art, not a science especially when it comes to healthcare real estate.

With our diverse team of accounting-based staff, CPAs, and finance specialists, we consistently discover savings, even when working after other consulting and tax firms. Most of our services are conducted proactively, on a pre-assessment basis, to represent your interests while maintaining positive relationships with assessors and the community.

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1. Healthcare Real Estate Tax Strategy

Navigating the intricate realm of healthcare real estate property taxes demands specialized insights. Our experienced consultants are well-versed in the nuances of property tax regulations and incentives tailored to the healthcare sector. Our approach minimizes property tax burdens and amplifies your returns, allowing you to channel resources into advancing core healthcare operations.

2. Hospital Real Estate Financial Health

Hospitals are pivotal community assets, and our property tax consulting services recognize their distinct tax challenges. We collaborate closely with hospital administrators and financial teams to unearth opportunities for property tax savings that directly benefit patient care and overall financial well-being.

3. Precision in Healthcare Real Estate Tax Optimization

Precision in managing property tax considerations in the healthcare real estate sector is paramount. Our consultants grasp the intricacies of this field, crafting individualized property tax strategies aligned with your business objectives. Optimizing your property tax position empowers you to allocate resources toward innovation, research, and development.

Why Choose Our Expertise

Guidance from Industry Veterans

With 26 years in business, our consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our years of expertise in healthcare real estate property taxation go well beyond this milestone, and we remain current with the latest regulations to provide you with precise and informed guidance.

Your Distinct Advantage

Every healthcare facility is unique. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to your specific property type, size and location, ensuring maximum property tax benefits.

Tailored Growth Strategies

Our strategies extend beyond property tax benefits. They are meticulously crafted to align with your specific expansion plans, ensuring that every decision you make contributes to your long-term success.

Maximize Your Returns

Discover the hidden potential within your healthcare real estate investments through our exclusive property tax consulting services. With a sharp focus on healthcare real estate tax strategy and property tax optimization, we provide you with a comprehensive suite of solutions that drive financial efficiency and foster substantial growth within the healthcare sector.

Experience Our Expertise

Our case studies showcase how PVS has refined property tax strategies for healthcare real estate over the past 26 years. Gain insights into our proven property tax successes and bolster your trust in our proficiency.

Our team of healthcare and property tax professionals specializes in actively reviewing valuation methodologies, including Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA), and their direct correlation to a property’s authentic fair market value. We employ innovative tools and techniques that have played a pivotal role in successfully achieving reductions. Recognizing that appraising healthcare real estate is an art more than a science, we leverage our accounting-based staff, CPAs and finance specialists to consistently uncover savings – often surpassing the efforts of other consulting and tax firms. We take a proactive approach to our services to actively represent your interests while fostering positive relationships with assessors and the community.

Ready to propel your healthcare real estate endeavors forward? Connect with us today to learn how our property tax consulting services can optimize your tax strategies and lay the foundation for your journey toward enduring success.

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Are Your Tax Reduction Methods Aligned with Healthcare Real Estate?

Unlike other property tax consultants, PVS evaluates healthcare real estate from a healthcare perspective. We consider traditional methodologies/approaches, such as income, market and cost, while factoring in healthcare-specific forces like the Balanced Budget Act, referral contracts, payor mix and the property’s true highest and best use. Only a specialist in healthcare, like PVS, can fully comprehend and measure the impact of these external forces.

Valuing complex properties involves assessing real property, personal property, and business value. Assessors typically employ computer-aided mass appraisal/systems (CAMA) when valuing retail property. While effective for small residential properties, this approach often leads to significant errors when valuing complex commercial properties. Most taxing jurisdictions enjoy a presumption of correctness, placing the burden on taxpayers to prove that assessments exceed fair market value. PVS has successfully assisted taxpayers in overcoming this presumption, ensuring accurate assessments. Due to the mass appraisal approach and the sheer size and complexity of commercial properties, annual assessments should be thoroughly reviewed each year.

From our strategically located office in the heart of the country, PVS provides the following services:

  • Assessment-Reduction Services
  • Professional Representation
  • Compliance Services
  • Appraisal Services
  • Appeals
  • Assessment Uniformity Study
  • Abatement and Exemption Research
  • Preparation and Analysis of Taxable Value
  • Identification of all Reasonable Reliefs

Our Philosophy at PVS

Property taxes, aside from debt, often constitute the largest operating expense for businesses. At PVS, we recommend a thorough annual review of every assessment by a property tax professional. Our comprehensive review uncovers any potential losses you may have incurred over the years.

Partner with PVS, the leading specialist in healthcare real estate property tax, to minimize your expenses, maximize savings, and navigate the intricate world of property taxation. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your healthcare real estate.


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Success Stories - Real Results, Real Savings

  • PVS was able to secure $690K in commercial real estate property tax savings for a national hospital operator that vacated an older facility with the exception of a minor amount of space for office use. Read More

  • An assisted living facility faced low fill rates and extra expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. PVS was able to help the facility find property tax savings of $1.6M during this challenging time. Read More

  • Working with a Kansas senior living facility, PVS filed an appeal to correct an error, obtaining $40,000 in savings for the client. Read More