Commercial Real Estate

Property taxes, excluding debt, can often be the largest operating expense for business property owners. To challenge an assessment that exceeds fair market value, taxpayers must overcome the presumption of correctness granted to taxing jurisdictions.

Unlock the Value of Your Commercial Real Estate Property with PVS Property Tax Experts!

Property Valuation Services specializes in assisting taxpayers like you in identifying and proving the true fair market value of your commercial real estate. We understand that appraisals are an art, not a science.

Are Your Real Estate Assessments Thoroughly Reviewed?

Given the mass appraisal approach and the complexity of commercial properties, annual assessment reviews are crucial. At Property Valuation Services, our team of skilled commercial real estate valuation professionals and appraisers specialize in evaluating valuation methodologies and their impact on your property’s true market value. With our effective tools, communication, and techniques, we have a proven track record of successfully producing reductions. Our comprehensive real estate tax representation services include:

  • Assessment-Reduction Services
  • Appeals
  • Compliance Services
  • Assessment Uniformity Studies
  • Assessment and Tax Bill Approval
  • Abatement and Exemption Research
  • Appraisal Services
  • Tax Accrual Forecasting
  • Reporting

PVS Philosophy

We believe that thorough assessments are essential when valuing complex properties, encompassing real property, business personal property, and business value. By reviewing every assessment meticulously, we aim to uncover errors that may result in over-assessments.

Unlock the full potential of your commercial real estate property with PVS as your trusted property tax partner. Contact us today to maximize savings and ensure fair assessments.


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  • Iowa Apr 30, 2023
  • Georgia May 1, 2023
  • Texas May 15, 2023
  • Missouri July 10, 2023
  • Utah Sep 1, 2023

Success Stories - Real Results, Real Savings

  • Through evidence exchange and negotiations with the county, PVS reduced the assessment of an expansive corporate office campus in Fulton County, GA by $25M, resulting in $204,918 in tax savings. Read More
  • PVS represented a property owner in their appeal of an excessive property valuation increase on a closed and vacant big box store in Missouri. Through the appeal, PVS reduced the assessment by 50%, saving the taxpayer $89,665 in tax dollars. Read More