Appeal/Protest Property Taxes

Appealing Your Business Personal Property and Commercial Real Estate Property Tax

When reviewing commercial real estate or business personal property tax, taxpayers should not assume the assessment placed on their property and the corresponding property taxes are accurate. Values that are computer-generated with minimal information involved or based on inaccurate depreciation tables could result in you paying significantly higher taxes.

There is something you can do about your high property taxes, and we can help! And although different states may refer to the challenge as a property tax appeal or property tax protest, for the most part, the appeals process is treated in the same manner for both real and personal property tax.

Case Studies

We reduced the assessment of a closed and vacant big box store in Missouri by 50%, saving $89,655 in tax dollars. Read More
In Texas, we saved Avanti’s City Hospital $244,194 after appealing and litigating their personal property tax value. Read More
Saved a leasing company over $220,000 in the first two years of reducing tax liability on a client’s leased equipment. Read More

In Missouri

The property tax assessor increased the value of an obsolete, dilapidated big box retail structure and surrounding paving improvements in their revaluation, arguing a lucrative potential use of the lot. We pointed out the building was vacant and unusable, suffering from vandalism and internal structural damage, and that there was no market demand to support the assessor’s valuation. They listened.

In Texas

Using a specialized, in-house PVS database, we identified components of certain pieces of high-tech medical equipment as either intangible or non-taxable. That reduced the taxable base and moved a large portion of assets to a faster depreciation schedule, both of which resulted in lower taxes assessed.

In the U.S

By reviewing and analyzing the leased equipment to determine appropriate cost adjustments and depreciation schedules, PVS identified intangible and non-taxable components of the equipment that could be removed from the taxable basis of the assets. By reviewing the leased equipment prior to the lessor’s fling, PVS was able to reduce the tax liability of the leased equipment.

Appeals and Protests

Personal Property and Real Estate Property Tax Appeal Process

Throughout the United States, the process of challenging a property tax assessment is referred to in various manners, including property tax appeal, protest, abatement, petition, and more. Regardless of the name, the goal is the same: to reduce the property’s tax assessment, saving valuable tax dollars. 

Now is the time to consult an expert to ensure that you only pay your fair share.

PVS specializes in all things property tax, from filing personal property tax returns to preparing real property tax estimates for commercial acquisitions and new construction. But perhaps our most important role is the handling of property tax appeals on behalf of thousands of taxpayers across the country. The property tax experts at PVS have been cultivating and implementing valuation methodologies, developing relationships with assessors across the country, and working to reduce our clients’ property tax liability for decades.

Paying taxes based on fair market value should actually be fair!

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How Is Property Tax Calculated and Collected?

There are two main components to your annual property tax bill: value and tax rate. Your property's market value is first estimated by the local assessor, who transfers it to the tax collector, who mails the bill and collects tax.

So how does the assessor estimate your market value?


What would if cost to purchase land and build the current structures, less depreciation?

Sales Comparison

Utilizes nearby, recently sold comparable properties to estimate the potential sale price of the subject property.


Estimates a property's market value today based on its future cash flows (NOI or market rental rates divided by capitalization rate)

Is Your Property or Building Obsolete?

If current technological or market changes affect the use, layout or demand for your business or building, you may be facing obsolescence: a form of depreciation.

Talk to an appraisal expert today and learn how these changes may affect the value of your property now, and into the future.

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