Are You Under A Property Tax Audit?

Why Choose Property Valuation Services?

Business personal property tax audits can result in significant tax liabilities and create anxiety. Trust the experts to assist you in navigating through this challenging experience.

Are You Under a Property Tax Audit?

Property Valuation Services (PVS) has been handling the most complex audit cases for over two decades, always prioritizing our clients’ interests. Let us demonstrate our expertise and support to guide you through the process.


With our extensive experience, PVS manages hundreds of Business Personal Property Tax Audits annually for our clients. We possess the knowledge to provide auditors with the necessary information, protect your rights, and minimize your liabilities. Whether you have just been selected for an audit and need assistance throughout the process or have received audit findings that require review for potential reductions, PVS is here to serve you.

Financial Impact

A Business Personal Property Tax Audit can lead to unexpected tax liabilities, penalties, and interest, which can have a detrimental impact on a company’s financial situation. PVS understands how to effectively manage audits, safeguard our clients from audit scope overreach, meticulously verify all mathematical calculations, and limit potential liabilities. Our expertise often results in significant tax savings, along with the avoidance of penalties and interest.

Time Burden

Auditors frequently request excessive amounts of information, demand unreasonable time commitments from taxpayers, and prolong audits unnecessarily. Dealing with phone calls, emails, formal letters, confusing requests, and constant inquiries can create a burdensome time commitment for you and your staff. PVS comprehends the auditor’s requirements, facilitates all requests, acts as an intermediary for information exchange, and greatly mitigates the time burden associated with the audit process.

Our Guarantee

At PVS, we house experts in BPP Audits, including a licensed ASA Equipment Appraiser to defend lower asset values. Our team comprises over 50 specialists, making us one of the largest specialty property tax consulting firms in the country. We have established strong relationships with auditors nationwide, as well as third-party audit firms often engaged by assessor offices. If you have been selected for an audit, there is an excellent chance that we can assist you.

Our Approach

With our team of experts in BPP Audits, a licensed ASA Equipment Appraiser, and over 50 specialists, PVS stands as one of the leading specialty property tax consulting firms in the country. We have worked with major hospital corporations, manufacturing facilities, movie theaters, restaurants and various businesses across industries.

Partner with PVS to navigate your property tax audit with confidence. Contact us today to begin the process and benefit from our expertise in managing complex audits. Get Started Now

Business Personal Property Audit Process

  1. Generate a list of items to be submitted to the auditor by a specific date.
  2. Gather and submit the required information to the auditor.
  3. Engage in discussions and potential requests for clarification or additional information once auditor reviews. 
  4. The auditor issues findings, which may include an increase or decrease to the assessment or no change. If warranted, findings can be appealed.
  5. If the audit results in findings, a supplemental tax bill or refund will be issued.

Case Study: Handling a Three-Year Personal Property Audit

In 2019, PVS collaborated with an auditor regarding an audit for tax years 2015 to 2017. The audit initially resulted in a value increase of $1.1 million for those years. However, through careful review and discussions with the county auditor, we successfully changed the increase to a credit of $123,000, resulting in a value decrease of $1.2 million and approximately $27,000 in tax savings. Download Case Study