Case Studies

Saving $4.4M in Property Taxes for Movie Theaters

PVS was able to secure an average of $200 -$250 per projector, totaling more than $4.4M in savings.

Texas Hospital Saves $34,000 in Taxes

PVS secured $34,000 in property tax savings for a Texas hospital after appealing personal property accounts and appearing before the appraisal review board.

$18,000 Reimbursement for Surgery Center

PVS obtained over $18,000 in tax reimbursement for a surgery center company after reviewing prior year taxes.

Corporate Office Campus Saves $204,000

Through evidence exchange and negotiations with the county, PVS reduced the assessment of a corporate office campus, resulting in $204,918 in tax savings.

Corrected Error Garners $40,000 Refund

PVS filed an appeal for a Kansas senior living facility to correct an error for the present year and four prior tax years, obtaining a refund of nearly $40,000.

BPP Return Nets $31,000 Savings

PVS prepared business personal property tax returns with value adjustments for intangible and non-taxable components within the equipment to reduce a local hospital’s taxable liability, saving them over $31,000.

Regional Medical Center Saves Millions

PVS appealed and represented a regional medical center at hearing, removing a $75 million tax assessment.

$1M Savings for Texas Health Care System

PVS achieved a savings of $1,000,594 for one of our client’s health care systems in South Texas after appealing and litigating their personal property tax values.

$1.25M Savings for Texas Hospital

After appealing the 2020 and 2021 tax year valuations for a Texas hospital, PVS successfully reduced the appraised value, ultimately resulting in tax savings of over $1.25 million.

Vacant Box Store Assessment Reduced 50%

Through appeal, PVS reduced the tax assessment on a vacant box store by 50%, saving the taxpayer $89,665 in tax dollars.

Texas Imaging Center Saves Over $24,000

PVS helped a Texas imaging center save over $24,000 by identifying double assessments and convincing the assessor to remove them.

$1.6M Saved for Assisted Living Facility

PVS appealed and reduced the market value of an assisted living facility, saving the company $1.6 million in property taxes.

$60,000 Savings For Alabama Hospital

We achieved a savings of $60,000 in business personal property taxes for one of our client’s hospitals in Alabama when filing the return for a new replacement facility.

Nursing Home Secures $445,000 Savings

By filing formal appeals to correct a classification error, PVS was able to secure $445,000 in savings for a Phoenix-based nursing home.

Acute Care Hospital Saves $380,000 in Taxes

PVS represented an over-built acute care hospital before the County Appraisal Review Board, earning a favorable ruling for the taxpayer without litigation, saving them $380,000 in taxes.

Regional Medical Center Saves $139,000

By filing an appeal with the assessor, and through discussions with the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office, PVS was successful in reducing the value of a regional medical center, generating $139,000 in tax savings.

Leasing Company Saves Over $220,000 Prior to Filing

By reviewing leased equipment for a leasing company prior to filing, PVS was able to reduce tax liability, saving the client over $220,000.

Appealing Saves Texas Hospital $244,000

PVS achieved a savings of $244,194 for one of our client’s hospitals in Texas after appealing and litigating their personal property tax value.

$690,000 Saved By Negotiating With County

The property tax experts at PVS appealed and reduced a former hospital’s value through informal negotiations with the county, resulting in tax savings of $690,000.

Corrected Assessment Results in Savings

After bringing errors to the attention of the assessor’s office, PVS secured a savings of $700 for a healthcare company client.

Surgery Center's Tax Liability Becomes Refund

In handling a three-year personal property audit for a Connecticut surgery center, PVS was able to turn a potential $24,000 in tax liability into a $3,000 refund.

Freeport Exemption Saves Company $42,000

PVS was able to save an aircraft parts company over $42,000 in personal property taxes by filing the Freeport Exemption.

$33,000 in Savings For Local Hospital

By reviewing the capital leased equipment for a local hospital and discovering some of the equipment had been double assessed, PVS was able to save them over $33,000.