Business Personal Property

Strategically located in the middle of the country, Property Valuation Services gives special attention toward understanding the client’s properties from an analytical and accounting perspective, something not offered by your local certified public accountant or general tax consulting firm. PVS’ diverse team of accounting-based staff, CPAs and finance specialists routinely find savings when working behind or following other consulting and tax firms. Most of our services are performed on a pre-assessment basis to represent the client’s interests on a proactive basis while keeping a positive relationship with the assessor and community.

Important Tax Deadlines

Alabama business personal property tax returns are based on what you own as of Oct 1st and the filings are due by December 31, 2021.

Are you paying too much for your personal property taxes?

Technology has caught up with nearly every industry. Most companies today either utilize or develop complex, high-tech equipment to bring the best products and/or services to their market. The use of this technology and the products it brings to bear has provided areas of opportunity for both the increase in assessments by the assessing jurisdictions, as well as, the reduction of assessments by firms who understand the technology and products.

Unlike any other firm, PVS has employed technology and product specialists along with seasoned tax professionals. This unique blend has helped us develop exclusive, cost-cutting methodologies, with which we have been able to find our clients substantial savings on their business personal property taxes.

Full personal property tax representation services:

  • Cost-Reduction Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Assessment and Tax Bill Approval
  • Audit Defense
  • Tax Budget Assistance
  • Appraisal Services
  • Depreciation Expense Calculation Services
  • Reporting
  • Property Tax Research Assistance

Tax Reduction

PVS provides a thorough evaluation of each property to identify potential reductions:

  • Evaluate past reporting methods
  • Review asset detail for additions & deletions, as well as ghost, idle and obsolete assets
  • Re-life assets
  • Verify & remove non-taxable costs
  • Articulate the justification of a value reduction to the taxing authorities
  • Approve value

PVS Benefits

  • Knowing the state and county statutes for taxation of personal property
  • Educating of the jurisdiction on the technology and the asset
  • Effectively tracking and evaluating values through our customized tracking and filing system
  • Placing entire assets into faster depreciation
  • Stripping non-taxable components out of individual assets
  • Componentizing individual assets for faster depreciation

Compliance Services

Compliance is the most commonly used term for the general reporting of business personal property, to include

    • Information Request and Review
    • Analysis of Client’s Prior Year Filing
    • Analysis of The Value as Accepted by County
    • Data Analysis
    • Filing Of Property Return(s)
    • Assessment Tracking & Verification
    • Assessment Appeals When Necessary
    • Reviewing Tax Bills for Accuracy
    • Submitting Standardized Approvals to Pay Tax Bills
    • Semi-Annual Reports
    • Tax Tracking
    • Tax Planning
    • Client Web Access

Audit & Appeal

Business personal property taxes are subject to an audit process by the taxing jurisdiction. In addition, taxpayers are at liberty to protest the business personal property assessment through an appeal process. PVS represents our clients in and through this intricate and time-consuming process.

  • No Residential Requests