Appeal/Protest Property Taxes

Don’t assume that the assessment and corresponding taxes on your commercial real estate or business personal property are accurate. Computer-generated values and inaccurate depreciation tables can lead to significantly higher tax payments.

Take control of your property taxes and let us assist you! Whether you call it a property tax appeal, protest, or abatement, the process is similar for both real and personal property taxes.

Property Tax Appeal Process

Challenging a property tax assessment goes by different names across the United States, such as property tax appeal, protest, abatement, or petition. Regardless of the terminology, the objective remains the same: reducing the property’s tax assessment to save you money.

Contact Us To Discuss Filing of an Appeal or Protest

Now is the perfect time to consult with our experts and ensure that you’re paying your fair share. PVS specializes in all aspects of property tax, including filing personal property tax returns, preparing real property tax estimates for commercial acquisitions and new construction. Our primary focus is handling property tax appeals on behalf of thousands of taxpayers nationwide. With decades of experience, we have developed valuation methodologies, established relationships with assessors, and successfully reduced our clients’ property tax liability.

Let’s make sure paying taxes based on fair market value is truly fair!.

Success Stories - Real Results, Real Savings:

  • We reduced the assessment of a closed and vacant big box store in Missouri by 50%, saving $89,655 in tax dollars. Read More
  • In Texas, we saved Avanti’s City Hospital $244,194 after appealing and litigating their personal property tax value. Read More
  • Saved a leasing company over $220,000 in the first two years of reducing tax liability on a client’s leased equipment. Read More