We Specialize in Complex Properties

Property Valuation Services contracts solely with businesses that own and operate special purpose, income-producing complex properties.

Our Core Services

Commercial Real Estate

Strategically located in the middle of the country, Property Valuation Services gives special attention toward understanding the client’s properties from an analytical…

Business Personal Property Tax

Property Valuation Services has a diversified group of Healthcare and Tax professionals specializing in the review of valuation methodologies (CAMA) and how it relates to a property’s true fair market value.

Healthcare Real Estate

Securing Property Tax reductions, abatements and refunds for Healthcare Properties is our specialty.

Healthcare Personal Property

Our healthcare business personal property services cater specifically to the needs of healthcare facilities. With expertise in valuing and assessing personal property assets, we provide accurate and efficient valuation services for medical equipment, furniture and other assets.

Appraisal Services

Business personal property tax audits can create large tax liabilities as well as large levels of anxiety. Let experts help you.

Audit Tax

How Is Property Tax Calculated And Collected? There are two main components to your annual property tax bill.

Texas Property Valuation

Texas has one of the highest property tax rates in the United States. Since 2006, most properties have been seeing substantial increases in tax year after year.

Appeal/Protest Property Taxes

When reviewing commercial real estate or business personal property tax, taxpayers should not assume the assessment placed on their property and the corresponding property taxes are accurate. Values that are computer-generated with minimal information involved or based on inaccurate depreciation tables could result in you paying significantly higher taxes.

Latest News

Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Meet Daniel Taylor, Supervisor at PVS: Navigate the intricacies of personal property tax returns with Daniel as he shares insights on appeal negotiations, value settlements, and the dynamic world of tax season.