Article From Director – Doug Geer

My name is Doug Geer, and I am a team lead for the hospital team in the business personal property department at Property Valuation Services (PVS). Last May, I surpassed my 10th year working at PVS. I am currently a licensed personal property tax consultant in the State of Texas. I enjoy the property tax work that I’ve done here at PVS, as well as spreading the knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired over the last ten years to the consultants on the hospital team and the other teams in the personal property department.  

The hospital team has various clients across the country. We file over 200 hospital personal property tax returns annually and the returns for the clinics and other ancillary locations related to the hospitals. My role at PVS is to train consultants to file the annual personal property tax filings and review them to file a compliant return while also looking for opportunities to reduce the taxable value of our client’s equipment. I also assist consultants with questions and issues that may arise during the tax cycle, including reviewing valuations issued by the assessor, advising the consultants to resolve any discrepancies informally with the assessor and potentially filing an appeal if we’re unable to reach an agreement with the assessor. I also have some experience attending board hearings. Our Property Tax Support Group handles most of the last part of the property tax cycle, collecting and reviewing the tax bills. However, I also assist consultants with any issues that may arise with the property tax bills if it’s outside the scope of our support group and ensure the contacts we send the tax bills to are still accurate.

Additionally, I review reports with tax estimates we send to our clients periodically throughout the year. These reports also provide tax estimates for the upcoming year to assist our clients in setting their budgets. I’ve also recently started working on audits for some of our hospital clients.  

I appreciate the knowledge, skills and opportunities that PVS has provided, which have contributed to my professional growth. I’ve enjoyed the relationships I’ve formed with my colleagues here at PVS and our clients and the various assessors across the country.  

Outside of work, I like to stay active. I play basketball, baseball, football and tennis. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. When I’m not doing something active, I like to relax and watch TV.  

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or anyone in our property tax department. We always like to hear from our clients!