Article From Director – James Lee

My name is James Lee and I am a manager in the real estate department at Property Valuation Services. My journey at PVS began back in May of 2014 and I’m currently in my eighth year. I am licensed as a property tax consultant in multiple states. 

My day-to-day tasks primarily involve regular communication with clients regarding property tax projections for their real estate portfolios and management of ongoing assessment protests. I also work with our real estate directors to assist our team of consultants on tax bill reviews, tax estimate projects and assessment appeals.

Most states have started to issue their 2021 tax bills, so our department’s daily tasks this time of year have shifted to reviewing tax bills for payment approvals and updating parcel records for 2022 projections. We also begin to send out requests for information in the coming weeks in anticipation of next year’s value reviews, so keep an eye out for our emails!

I started reviewing the valuations of agricultural properties, offices and apartments back in 2014. Over the next couple of years, my portfolio shifted toward primarily medical real estate valuations. I’ve seen everything from grain elevators to hospitals across my desk since I first arrived at PVS. This variety of complex valuation problems to solve continues to broaden our real estate team’s expertise and strengthen our positions when supporting our valuation conclusions during assessment protests.

I enjoy getting into the occasional healthy debate with an assessor during an assessment protest, but I must admit that my demeanor turns more competitive when it comes to debating sports. I am a diehard Chiefs fan, and I will relish the next two decades of the Patrick Mahomes era. Kansas City has always been my hometown and I went to Mizzou for my undergraduate degree in Finance. I recently got married, and my wife and I have a labrador who thinks he’s a lapdog. My hobbies include tennis, camping, golf and exploring Kansas City’s rapidly expanding downtown. We also love to travel!

The real estate financial sector experiences constant volatility, but property taxes are here to stay. It has always been rewarding helping our clients navigate these market challenges to stabilize annual property tax projections. We work as a team here at PVS and we are always just a quick phone call away if you have any questions regarding your real or business personal property taxes.