Customizing PVSpts for Sales and Use Tax

Given the outstanding success we have had developing our proprietary Property Tax system (PVSpts) we have tackled in-house development of a proprietary sales tracking system (PVSsales) and Sales and Use tax system (STS) as well.

PVS has used various CRM (customer relationship management) solutions over the years, but many are generic with limited flexibility and very expensive to customization.  We have taken the good from the others and combined it with what was lacking to develop sales tracking software specifically geared toward Property Tax & Sales & Use Tax prospecting!

Almost 8 years ago PVS ownership decided to expand our offerings to include Sales & Use tax and started a completely separate company called State and Local Tax Solutions, as we say, SALT Solutions.  They, as PVS did in the beginning, started using spreadsheets to track vital information,  from that we began to develop our own proprietary software solution.  Several years of use and learning and we are on the verge of delivering a purpose-built solution to meet the requirements of the Sales & Use tax industry.  Many think it is a luxury to build your own software solutions but when managed properly it can become an invaluable tool!