Dylan Cahill

My name is Dylan Cahill, and I am a manager in the business personal property department at Property Valuation Services. I have been with Property Valuation Services for the last ten years. I served four years in the United States Marine Corps, including a deployment to Iraq. Once I received my honorable discharge, I attended the University of Central Missouri where I received my bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting.

My responsibilities include working with and improving client relations. This currently includes answering any pending questions by clients and providing invoices, bills, and yearly reports. Prior to filing business personal property returns, it is my job to request and obtain all the necessary documents and information. Once the information is reviewed and any follow-up questions sent, I begin the process of preparing the returns. I also review returns prepared by our newer consultants to ensure accuracy. Once the filing season has finished, I move on to gathering the appropriate values for each physical location filed. After the values are obtained it then becomes my job to agree with the assessed value or attempt to appeal or settle any values that are too far from the fair market value for the property. 

I currently manage a team of 6-7 consultants across the realm of imaging/surgical locations. I will often assist these consultants with values and ensure they receive proper training to complete their jobs in an exemplary manner. As I am recently promoted to the role of management, I look forward to continuing the relationships built by my predecessors to ensure all clients are happy with their services here at Property Valuation Services.

As a single parent of two beautiful little girls, my hobbies are fairly limited and often consist of what hobbies my children enjoy. We spend many weekends at recreational soccer games or jiu-jitsu practices. During the summer months, we enjoy hiking, going to the playground, canoeing and fishing. During the winter months, my main hobby is deer hunting. I am also an avid watcher of the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Blues if there is time in my already limited schedule. 

I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about me and my time with PVS. I look forward to another year of advocating on behalf of my clients!

Our team of consultants oversee all compliance aspects of our clients’ property tax portfolios. We manage the preparation and filing of the annual business personal property tax returns, as well as the analysis of the valuation issued by the tax assessor.

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