Jesse Cox

My name is Jesse Cox, an account executive for the PVS sales team. My career at PVS started in 2018 as a lead generator before I became the lead generator manager a couple of years later. I was promoted to account executive in 2021.

 As an account executive, I reach out to prospective clients whose situations may require our expertise in property tax reduction, for both real estate and business personal property taxes. Our prospects span the country.

 Account executives also act as onboarding liaisons and continued resources for our clients.  More importantly, we learn more about who our clients are and their specific needs. We want to ensure this is not only a good fit but a great relationship.

 As most companies are winding down this time of year, PVS is ramping up its efforts to expand our clients. As an account executive, I know the spring tax season doesn’t leave a lot of room for error, and waiting for a tax notice to arrive before having a strategy in place can be detrimental to a proper reduction. That’s why autumn is a great time for us to start a conversation with prospects. Providing this perspective and understanding for prospects who may feel overwhelmed by the process is one of my favorite parts of the job. And if I can’t provide the answer, I have a team of knowledgeable experts who can.

Outside of the office, I enjoy wood carving. I also am an avid mountain biker who enjoys the expansive trail system around the Kansas City metro area. My 6-year-old daughter joins me on quite a few of those outings, as she just learned to ride this year. My wife doesn’t indulge in our two-wheeled adventures, so we find other family activities.

Our team of consultants oversee all compliance aspects of our clients’ property tax portfolios. We manage the preparation and filing of the annual business personal property tax returns, as well as the analysis of the valuation issued by the tax assessor.

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