Kamree Harris

Hello, my name is Kamree Harris, and I have been with Property Valuation Services for five years. I was recently promoted to a team lead position within the Property Tax Support Group (PTSG). 

When I first began at PVS-PTSG, I started working with the personal property team assisting the consultants with obtaining the values for properties and collecting the tax bills. After three years, I then began working with the real estate team within PT support, assisting with obtaining their values and approving tax bills. In addition to those responsibilities, I would also review several different documents. Once reviewed, I would determine whether they needed to be forwarded to the consultants and/or managers that would acquire further problem-solving. 

In my present position as a team lead, my responsibilities have expanded a great deal. Specifically, I train all new hire PTSG members on value and tax bill collection, as well as document review. I answer all field questions from PTSG and determine which questions need to be escalated to the consultants/managers. I also run daily and weekly specific data queries for PTSG and managers for the current/future deadlines to ensure we stay on top of events ensuring nothing is missed, and I provide the PTSG team with a daily goal set for values and tax bills. Furthermore, I assist in the sending of tax bill transmittals to clients and follow up to ensure all bills over 250K have been received by the clients. 

Outside of work, in my free time, I have many interests and enjoy a few hobbies I have recently picked up. A short while ago, I started my fitness journey and took up Pilates class, along with enjoying walks in the park. Now that summer is upon us, I’ll be going to concerts with friends, traveling and trying new restaurants. Lastly, my favorite reason for summer is that my birthday is in the month of June, and I look forward to celebrating with all my family and friends. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about what I do here at PVS, as well as a little about myself. I am looking forward to learning and continuing my journey here at PVS.

Our team of consultants oversee all compliance aspects of our clients’ property tax portfolios. We manage the preparation and filing of the annual business personal property tax returns, as well as the analysis of the valuation issued by the tax assessor.

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