James Lee

My day-to-day tasks primarily involve regular communication with clients regarding property tax projections for their real estate portfolios and management of ongoing assessment protests.

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Blake Cynor

Consultants and managers in our real estate department perform a wide range of services for our clients, from appealing and reducing tax assessments to providing estimates on new developments and construction.

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Brent Moriarty

As an AE, I enjoy reaching out to new prospects and explaining how our services could not only help them reduce property taxes but also help manage their property tax needs for both real and business personal property.

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Abbie McWhirter

As a supervisor of our renal dialysis group, I work in tandem with real estate directors and consultants to review annual commercial property tax assessments for our clients, prepare and handle assessment appeals, and review real estate tax bills.

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Catherine Murray

With the help of an assistant, I make certain all your parcels and accounts are in our system as well as ensuring we have all the correct assessing and jurisdiction information and deadlines.

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Ben Kogei

What makes us unique in the multi-specialty team is that we handle personal property tax responsibilities across many different industries, which include healthcare (specifically surgical, oncology, diagnostic imaging and behavioral health segments), industrial, communications, manufacturing and hospitality.

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