Special Notifications: The Information You Need

Do you need special notifications when certain events occur?  Our software has client notifications (a fancy way of saying customized automated emails) that we can tailor to a client’s needs. Do not worry, the notifications are not sent out in spam fashion, a consultant reviews each message before it is sent.  The notifications help to warn you if a value increases over a certain threshold, if an appeal is filed, or when bills are approved for payment. If you have a particular notification request, your sales representative can assist you in acquiring information on the process.

Do you have a question about an invoice?  We can easily answer your questions as our invoices tie back to the events that triggered them.  Our billing department can view much of the information you may need and can quickly get in contact with the consultant working the property if more information is required.  Many competitors would need to check between various software solutions or worse spreadsheets to check into the detail behind an invoice.

Would you like to see your tax data and documents for both real estate and personal property?  We have a web portal that allows you to view our data for your account in a secure, easy to understand, web format.  Documents needed, such as tax bills, returns, and management reports are easily downloadable too.  Our workflow for all documentation is to have it scanned into our software and then associated with the corresponding tax data for each parcel.  This allows for your immediate retrieval of all information available via the web portal.